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Your Health Starts at Home


Are you someone that has purged their home of toxic cleaners, beauty products and food but are yet to address your home environment? 


Are you concerned with the impact your indoor environments are having on your health and wellbeing?


Then you are in the right place. As a wellness architect and healthy home designer I can help you no matter what stage you are at in your healthy home journey. ​


From site investigation, layout and planning, design strategies, mould, material selections through to construction administration and project management, there is lots to consider when it comes to designing a healthy home. This is where we can help! 

Online Shopping


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Healthy Home Phone Consultations

Address your concerns and provide expert advice remotely.

In-home consultations

Allow us to assess your space and recommend specific strategies for enhancing its wellness.

Design Packages

Combine our expertise in wellness architecture with your unique vision, resulting in a harmonious and healthy home environment.


Finally, need a quick assessment or recommendation on a finish or material? Our quick material reviews provide insightful information to help you make informed choices.



Wellness Architect and healthy home designer

Wellness architecture is the design of healthy indoor spaces. This is important as we spend a considerable amount of time inside our homes and offices (and cars), places that have been built using conventional design & construction techniques, materials, finishes and filled with furniture; all of which contain an unregulated and potentially toxic soup of off-gassing chemicals which impact our health and well-being. 

Haven was borne from founder Pippa's own sensitivity to toxic smells and chemical cleaners. She dedicates much of her time researching and experimenting with ways in which she can make indoor living and working environments as healthy as possible.

As a conventionally trained Australian architect (and soon to be Building Biologist), Pippa spent many years working in NYC, where she noticed a big lack in the regulation of what goes into building materials, finishes and furniture. After spending time researching and understanding the impacts toxic materials, air quality, tap water and other everyday items have on an occupants health, Pippa focussed her architectural practice on designing healthy indoor spaces, most importantly; nurseries and children's bedrooms. 


If you think your indoor environment is having a negative impact on you or your families health, please contact Pippa for a free home consultation or recommendations on next steps. 



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