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My name is Pippa (Pip) Lee and I am an Australian architect currently living in Sydney. I relocated with my family in 2019 after spending almost 10 years living and working in NYC, where I founded Pip+Pencil (now Haven) in 2016, borne from the impact the city's indoor centric lifestyle was having on my health and well-being, as well as a personal sensitivity to chemical smells.  

Hailing from a country proud of its clean and healthy outdoor lifestyle, the shift towards spending a majority of my time either indoors or surrounded by many forms of pollution was the catalyst for the shift towards a healthy design approach.​​

Since discovering the world of non-toxic living in 2016, I have not turned back (once you know, you cannot un-know!) and have spent many years slowly converting my own space into a healthy home. Then, after having my son in 2018, I spent countless hours researching and looking for non-toxic pieces for his nursery, a room I am obviously very passionate about being a safe and non-toxic haven for babies! 

I strongly believe that our health starts in the home, and our indoor environments have an enormous impact on our mental and physical state. If you think your home is impacting your quality of life, feel overwhelmed (gosh I know I did!) by the information out there or would just like some help or guidance then please reach out to us

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