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Free Phone Consultation 15 min

1:1 call where you can figure out if I can help your project, from a design or consultation point of view. Perfect for those wondering if my services will be of value to their project. 

Working from Home

Phone / Zoom Consultation 60 min

1:1 call where you can discuss healthy home topics for up to 1 hour. This is ideal if you want a more detailed discussion about materials or products, or professional design advice for a healthy home project. A discussion summary and product recommendations will be provided.

Building Planning

5-hour design package

This package is well-suited for people that would like some help selecting healthier materials, finishes, furniture, air and water filtration advice, site research, EMF support, mould advice; or anything smaller and more specific to their projects.


To start, a detailed questionnaire is sent to better understand specific needs, health issues and healthy home goals. Following this, a 30 or 60min (depending on project scope) call to discuss findings and any further questions.


A report is provided at the completion of the research approx. 3-4 weeks after the kick-off call.


I also offer support to builders during this duration (as part of the 5 allocated hours) and can answer any questions you or your builder may have during the time we work together.


To initiate the work, a 50% deposit is required. The remaining balance should be settled prior to the submission of the final report.

Work Desk

10-hour design package

This package is suited for those who need a little more support during their project or have questions about a wider variety of topics such as air and water filtration, reducing condensation, site selections, EMF exposure reduction, mould testing and remediation advice and non-toxic building materials.


The process begins with an initial questionnaire followed by a 30 or 60min phone call to assess your needs, available resources, and timeline, and discuss your architectural drawings.


Remaining time is dedicated to a report outlining your specific project goals and providing product recommendations. I can also be available to speak with your building team should they require any additional advice or support.


On average, the turnaround time for this process is estimated to be 5 to 6 weeks. 

Architecture Model Sketching

Custom Design Package

If you have a larger project that needs a more 'architectural' design approach or just prefer to have me closer during the design or construction stages, I am available for custom packages depending on the project scope and stage.

Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss a custom design proposal.

Lee_Roth_61Jane_Torres_Sitting Room.jpg

In-home Consultation 1-2hr

Do you think your house is making you sick? Whether you're renovating, in the design or construction phase, expecting a new baby, struggling with chronic health issues and longing to eliminate chemicals from your life, or simply desiring a healthier home for yourself and your family, our one-on-one home visits are designed to empower you with confidence and the necessary tools to embark on a less toxic lifestyle.

During these visits, we will work together to completely overhaul your home, implementing sustainable and non-toxic practices tailored to your specific needs. From identifying and removing harmful substances to recommending healthier alternatives, our aim is to create a space that promotes well-being and supports your journey to a toxin-free life.

Sydney and nearby.

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