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How to select and size an air purifier for your home

Why do we need an air purifier?

The ventilation requirements for a room vary based on the activities conducted within it. Adequate ventilation and airflow are crucial for ensuring breathable air and for the proper functioning of certain appliances and equipment.

Correct ventilation helps control humidity and temperature, and efficiently removes odours, fumes, and lingering particles, such as those in kitchens or living rooms.

Calculate your required CFM:

If you're unsure about the size or strength of the air purifier you need, these two calculators will guide you.

If you need to convert meters to feet use this calculator:

The CDC recommends no less that 5 ACH for occupied spaces but states that while achieving five ACH doesn't ensure absolute air safety in any environment, it does minimise the potential for exposure to germs and other hazardous airborne contaminants. (1)

CFM to ACH: Calculate How Much Air is it Cleaning

If you already have an air purifier and want to know how many Air Changes you are achieving in your room, work backwards from CFM to ACH.

It can sometimes be hard to find the CFM of the unit on the box (companies often push the Clean Air Delivery Rate or CADR) but perservere as CFM and ACH are really the only true measures on whether the unit is the appropriate size for your room.

I hope this was helpful!

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